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Rewarding eXperiences

mobile experiences audiences love

KROWDX is the first company in the world to tokenize and reward users participation.

KROWDX is at the intersection between fan experience technology and tokenization.

From sports events, concerts to political rallies KROWDX has the power to connect, engage and harness the audience’s energy.


Imagine every phone in sync.With KrowdX the audience becomes part of the show.Instant customization.Change and synchronize colors with the beat of the music or choreograph something unique.

Voting & Polling

Designed for live events, lectures, panel discussions and conferences with tools that engage participants and drive conversations with live and incentivized polling.

Mobile Marketing

Innovative solution that integrates with loyalty programs and will incentivize consumers to go into a store to redeem an e-coupon reward.

Digital Content

Digital content management system provides brand asset management for advertising, graphics, video, music and animation.

Social-Proof UGC

Tools to curate and reward users for posting consumer generated content, reviews and testimonials on their social media.

Data & Analytics

Powerful data analytics transforms behavior data into actionable insights that creates action-oriented output to augment marketing strategies.

We Turn Passive Fans Into Active Customers

The Problem

Engaging users. Brands are looking for ways to engage and enhance the audience experience.

The Solution

KrowdX provides an immersive experience that rewards the fans for doing what they love to do. 


KrowdX Sense is the power behind the “shake o’meter”. By accessing smartphone motion sensors, it can measure the way users change direction and velocity.


KrowdX is the first to offer crypto currency token rewards that deposit directly into digital wallets.


KrowdX uses Ethereum Blockchain ledger technology to ensure all transactions are tracked and secure.


Deliver exciting brand experiences by meeting the needs of your audience. Make instant changes to polls, lightshows, and rewards. Easily share across social media channels.


The easy-to-use intuitive user interface delivers an optimal user experience for audience members and brand event marketers.


Real-time tracking. Measure rewards redeemed, attendance, responses to polls. Make changes to improve audience engagement. Save the data and compare it to future events and campaigns.

About Us

KROWDX is an engagement and experiential platform that makes everyone part of the show. Our patented technology creates an immersive and emotive experience that turns a phone into being part of a spectacular visual light show that ignites an audience and gets fans into action, waving and having fun.

KROWDX is about bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds making real-time connections between users and brands that provide seamless experiences and enable new and innovative engagement and marketing possibilities.

We provide an easy and fun way to incentivize and reward users to participate and take action. We encourage people to do something that simple and fun and that they are already doing; cheering and waving their phone, answering a question, posting a photo and when they do such an action, we provide a reward. KROWDX’s suite of digital engagement and marketing solutions provides a brand with innovative consumer engagement solutions.


EarthWaveSOS is a powerful and peaceful way to unite people who care about ending Climate Change to send an SOS distress signal to take immediate action against Global Climate Emergency.


The EarthWaveSOS platform is powered by KROWDX’s patented audience experience technology. In one seamless action, EarthWavers can send an SOS signal, sign an e-petition, post a video and make a donation.

KrowdX Inc.

Based in Montreal and Vancouver. The technology and platform has been extensively tested with crowd sizes, events and  venues. The platform scales for any audience size and can be localized for any market throughout the world. 


The X’Team: Innovative. Collaborative. Experienced.

We have assembled a world-class team comprised of industry leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs, and technology experts with proven track records of building successful companies in digital media, marketing, telecommunications, and trailblazing consumer software technology.

Our team is dedicated to forward-thinking, creating value for our clients and the customers they serve, building digital products people love and use.

Together, we share a common vision of reimagining a next-generation audience engagement and digital media platform.

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