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Interactive Brand Engagement.

Emotional. Meaningful. Memorable


Imagine every phone in sync.
With KrowdX the audience becomes part of the show.
Instant customization.
Change and synchronize colors with the beat of the music or choreograph something unique.

Polling & Voting

Live polling and voting.
Automated counting, data capture, and analysis.
Change questions in real-time.
Engage your audience by giving them the power to choose.

Rewards, Crypto Tokens, Blockchain

Crypto tokens give brand marketers a new way to reward fans and customers — all backed by Blockchain.
Giveaway e-coupons, samples, and free products or offer rewards in exchange for social media shares.

Interactive Brand Experiences

Engaging, fun interactive “shake o’meter” experiences encourage participation and connects audiences with brands. Show support by shaking your phone and pushing the needle to its limit!

KrowdX Technology

Powerful. First to Market Tech.

Unique Experiential Marketing Features.

KrowdX Sense

KrowdX Sense is the power behind the “shake o’meter”. By accessing smartphone motion sensors, it can measure the way users change direction and velocity.

Crypto Token Rewards

KrowdX is the first to offer crypto currency token rewards that deposit directly into digital wallets.


KrowdX uses Ethereum Blockchain ledger technology to ensure all transactions are tracked and secure.

Real-time Experiences

Deliver exciting brand experiences by meeting the needs of your audience. Make instant changes to polls, lightshows, and rewards. Easily share across social media channels.

UX Design

The easy-to-use intuitive user interface delivers an optimal user experience for audience members and brand event marketers. 

Tracking & Data Analysis

Real-time tracking. Measure rewards redeemed, attendance, responses to polls. Make changes to improve audience engagement. Save the data and compare it to future events and campaigns. 

About Us

KrowdX Business Model

The platform has been designed to scale for any audience size and can be localized for any market throughout the world. KrowdX is the first company in the world to offer a comprehensive experiential event marketing management platform that rewards the users.


KrowdX Team: Innovative. Collaborative. Experienced.

Our leadership team and strategic partners represent over a century of experience in digital marketing and information technology development. We have a proven track record of building successful companies in digital media and consumer software.


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